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Burgers Trailers.

Burgers Trailers, one of Europe's largest trailer manufacturers. They have chosen to use V-spoilers to distance themselves from their competitors. A simple, easy, and safe way to give customers an opportunity to save diesel, and reduce their CO2 emissions considerably.

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NINA transport - Belgien

NINA transport in Belgium, is a very forward-thinking transport company, where everything is done to reduce CO2 emissions, everything is done to optimize the planning of routes for a minimum of km. must be driven, and V-spoilers are put on their cars to make it clear to their customers that they seriously consider it a green transportation company.

PLOGER transportation USA

V-spoiler was a part of PLOGER transportation's big win in the USA`s first major economic race in 2017. RUN ON LESS.  PLOGER's unequivocal statement is that V-spoilers have a positive effect on wind resistance, and thereby a reduction in diesel consumption, and thus less CO2 emissions.

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