V-spoilers Mission

With Danish innovation, know-how and production - help reduce CO2 emissions and improve the utilization of a fuel used by the vehicle in question. Become a natural thing on trucks, vans, buses, trains, and trailers. V-spoiler is made of sustainable and recyclable materials from the plastics industry. When a set of V-spoilers is finished, we gladly take them back when exchanging, to reuse the plastic for new items, via a deposit system. Contact us to find out more.    This gives customers:

* not just fuel savings when using the V-spoiler

* They also show their customers that they care about the environment

* They reduce their CO2 footprint by large amounts

* They get greater road safety with the reflective version

* They have less cost for maintenance of other equipment, such as cooling machines and washing the rear end as dirt and grime do not settle in the same way.


V-spoilers Mission is short words.

We want to show that an easy solution can also be the best.

The goal of the worlds 17th rule, is 30% CO2 reduction in the heavy traffic sector by 2030 versus 2018

Check out some of these website links where you can read the EU's CO2 reduction plan. Very ambitious, and not possible to achieve - without innovative solutions, where the V-spoiler is at the top. Why?


* Because V-spoiler is easy to install and remove.

* Because V-spoiler is not a heavy solution economically.

* Because V-spoiler can not be used incorrectly.

* Because V-spoilers can be reused, both in the production of new ones, but also on your next vehicle.

* Because v-spoiler is an approved product in terms of The EU's green thinking.

* Because V-spoiler is a CO2 license plate, where you show your customers that you are making a difference.